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Leaders for today & tomorrow.

Growth never comes from comfort. It comes from challenge and the pursuit of it. Growth comes from people who are dedicated to developing their teams, embracing change, and collaborating internally, externally and globally.

How to spot a leader @ADP

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Nimble in a matrix environment

Leaders are agile and flexible. Not afraid to change course, adjust priorities or take calculated risks. They trust themselves and the people around them.

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Drives and embraces change

Full-speed ahead to tomorrow. Our leaders are the ones out in front, looking for new and different ways to drive our business forward. Curiosity and vision will get us there together.

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Leaders take ownership of their outcomes and work to improve at every turn. From fiscal performance to customer satisfaction to their own growth and development.

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Strong work ethic and integrity

Role models with a strong moral compass. Leaders work until the job is done, without compromise. They stand up for what’s right and support their people. Leaders don’t settle. Good is not good enough.

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Collaborative – “win as one” attitude

When it comes to working together, we keep an open mind toward new ideas. We’re not afraid to change the way things are done, to make things better. By sharing common goals, we’re able to win as one. Whatever the challenge.

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Develops talent

Leaders help others achieve their full potential. They coach, mentor and motivate. Set expectations, and leverage each individual’s strengths as we become a strengths-based organization. Leaders grow diverse teams to meet the goals of tomorrow.

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Challenge the status quo.

That’s what we’re looking for from you. To come in, ask questions and come up with new answers. To push for change at a company in the midst of a transformation. To innovate and inspire with a purpose that motivates others to do the same.

Impact through presence.

Hear what it’s like to hold an executive position at ADP.

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We're everywhere you are

Serving clients in 100+ countries, our careers maximize flexibility, global collaboration, and service excellence. There’s a place for you to join us at ADP.

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Life @ ADP

There is no such thing as just another day at the office. Far from it. We believe in collaboration, meaning and friendships. Making an impact, shaping the future together, and putting the “people” into “Always Designing for People.”

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The greater good.

Corporate social responsibility. CSR. Also known at ADP as doing the right thing – for each other, our communities and the world at large. From our Matching Gift Program and Annual Workplace Giving Program to Green Initiatives and Volunteer Time Off, the list of what we do to make a difference gets longer every year.

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Open minds welcome.

We have a greater definition of inclusion and belonging. One that speaks to respect for who we are, as well as for what we think. This holds true at ADP locations around the globe. Ideas are encouraged in an open culture where diverse perspectives are valued.

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“ADP does a fantastic job at bringing in external hires, particularly at the executive level. We have programs in place for our executives that take the guesswork out of very common questions all leaders have when joining a new organization, such as ‘How do I get to know my team, my partners, and my stakeholders? What are their expectations of me in this role, to be successful? and How quickly will I get up to speed?’ ADP’s Executive onboarding and integration programs help leaders get acclimated quickly because we thrive on our associates being successful.”

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“Our dedication to leadership excellence sets us apart. Comprehensive succession planning includes executive career development and curating experiences that propel executive candidates toward continued advancement. Strategically rotating leaders across our business and functions cultivate well-rounded skill sets outside of conventional boundaries, and our formal leadership assessments help executives target their development and personalized coaching. We take pride in fostering an inclusive and diverse executive population.”

Life @ADP

You might know us for the HR, payroll, and technology solutions used by over 80% of the FORTUNE 500®. We make it possible for 60 million employees to get more out of their jobs, while creating our own rewarding careers in the process.

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