The more inclusive, the better.

Different ideas.

Equally valued.

At ADP, we believe the best ideas thrive in an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives. That’s why we made it the cornerstone of our one-of-a-kind culture.

Committed to a fast-changing world.

Staying ahead of the changing world of work means understanding what different businesses (and their employees) want and need to grow and be successful. The same goes for our own company and the things that matter to you. Like benefits that fit individual needs, and respect for multiculturalism and supplier diversity. We also support global and community programs that empower transitioning military veterans, young people and people with diverse abilities.

Building strong partnerships.

We sponsor a number of professional organizations that help us attract and develop diverse talent in all areas of our business. Some of our partnerships:

Not just talk. Action.

Our senior leadership team reflects the diversity of our workforce and the global marketplace we serve. We are firmly focused on ensuring that all great talent thrives at ADP and contributes to our continued success.

young girl embracing mother"

In support of working mothers

Women make up more than 50 percent of our workforce at ADP. Our commitment provides an environment that empowers working mothers to advance and succeed through mentoring, networking opportunities, workplace flexibility, and an inclusive culture.

ADP is proud to have been named to the “Working Mother 100 Best Companies” list numerous times. We recognize the challenges families face in managing work life balance and value our associates’ priorities.

Working Mother: 100 Best Companies
three ADP associates on bicycles wearing ADP Pride cycling shirts

Cycle for the Cause:
150 riders, 4 days, 1 cause

We put our helmets on and headed out on the 275-mile Ride – from Boston to New York City – to raise money and awareness in the fight to end HIV/AIDS.

This epic journey brought us to 20 different cities, putting our months of training to the test two years in a row. It wasn’t easy, but with ADP as an Endurance Sponsor for the Ride, we raised more than $900,000 over the last two years. Cycle for the Cause, The Northeast AIDS Ride, is an annual event that Team ADP proudly supports in body, mind and spirit.

No glass ceilings here.

Our annual Women in Leadership events bring together female executives from ADP offices around the world. The multi-day forum includes prominent speakers on the topics of leadership, personal development and social responsibility.

Food for the mind and soul: That’s how we do it here.

two women seated on a stage at the Women in Leadership conference

Celebrating the world of work through our associates.

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ADP - iWIN - International Women’s Inclusion Network Business Resource Group

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Text: iWIN, International Women's Inclusion Network's purpose is to engage, equip, and empower women to achieve personal and professional success.
Text: Eslin, Director, Product Management, Member of iWIN BRG
I didn't know about BRGs originally. I didn't know about iWIN. But when someone said, hey, there's an iWIN chapter we're going to try to launch in Roseland. Do you want to be part of that? It was like, what's this?
What's this about? And what's in it for me, kind of thing. But what was interesting from a personal professional is that what's in it for me is professional growth. And what's in it for me personally is being able to help and mentor and support other junior leaders coming on board, and also a middle leadership level and growing.
So it's been a great opportunity to network and meet women-- both senior leadership, because we get access and privy to the Women in Leadership group, which is the senior professional group, and getting access to them and networking with them. And also then mentoring and supporting the women who want to grow and are new to the professional life. So it's been really quite a strong thing.
And also, the leadership team itself-- the four or five of us that worked together over the two years to build this chapter-- it was an unexpectedly great team. We got along really well. So it's been a good experience.
Text: Ready to develop your career at ADP? Find out more at jobs.adp.com.
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Aisha Thomas-Petit, ADP's Chief Diversity, Inclusion & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

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[TEXT: Aisha Thomas-Petit, Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer]
Hi, I'm Aisha Thomas-Petit. I am the Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, and I've been with ADP for six years.
What attracted me to ADP when I was considering coming out of financial services was really an organization that was focused on transformation and technology. And so I never expected to sit here before you as the Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and CSR Officer. It wasn't even a thought in my mind.
I came to ADP with full intention of making a positive impact on the organization, bringing with me all of the skills, knowledge, competencies that I had developed in financial services. But I did not put a career roadmap together. I was really just, if I could use the word "chasing," I was chasing experiences. I was chasing an opportunity to learn about an industry that I knew very little about.
This is an organization where people, no matter what business unit or function you represent, everyone wants this amazing company to be successful. And whether you're playing a product role, working on our next-gen products, whether you are in our sales function and making sure that we're tapping into every single type of client, whether you're an HR business partner or working in our finance organization, everyone has, at the core, the desire to serve our clients and the desire to do what it takes to ensure that this company stays around for another 70 years.
Every day for me is a great day when I have an opportunity to sit with an associate, to sit with a leader one-to-one and learn something, something that will serve to benefit the diversity and inclusion and CSR work that I have strategically planned for and that the team is strategically planning for and executing against. So those are great days for me.
[TEXT: Grow your career in new ways. Visit jobs.adp.com.
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What is the Goal of Business Resource Groups @ ADP?

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Text: What is the goal of the BRGs at ADP?
Text: Talisa, Project Manager, Member of Adelante BRG
The Adelante BRG here at ADP is focused not only primarily for Hispanic members, but we include everyone. And we are always looking to drive career growth, network opportunities, and ways to give back to our community.
Text: Mike, Director, Program Management, Member of Military Strong & Allies BRG
Military Strong is a organization that has former veterans, people that aren't veterans to come together and have a common goal and mission to help either currently serving people in the military or veterans that have served.
Text: Tawana, VP, Implementation, Member of Cultivate BRG
Cultivate is the African-American Associate and Allies BRG. And its main goal is to provide resources, mentorships and access to leaders of our same background in the company.
Text: Dominic, Sr. Director, Product Management, Member of ADP Pride BRG
Pride is a business resource group for LGBTQ individuals, as well as straight allies, to join together and look at ways that we can increase diversity from an LGBTQ perspective in our own organization, but also outside of our organization.
Text: Matthew, Business Engineer, Member of A.S.I.A. BRG
The goal of the ASIA BRG is multifold, and one is to promote Asian awareness within ADP. One is to promote community support and development. And then networking and career development for ADP associates.
Text: Kim, Director, Product Management, Member of Inspire BRG
So Inspire is all about encouraging associates to bring their strengths and their passions to work every day. And we're looking to champion innovative thinking across the company, and help unleash individual associates' unique experiences and passions and strengths to further their personal and professional development, as well as drive ADP success.
Text: Joe, User Experience Strategist, Member of Generations BRG
Generations is a business resource group created here in ADP. And what Generations does, it brings people together. And I believe that the beginnings of Generations was for new employees, new associates here at ADP to get them acclimated, give them some insights. A lot of that has to do with there's these mentorships that are built in, there's a lot of networking. Also a talk series to give really new associates and people who have been here for a long time actually, more insights than they would normally have.
Text: Eslin, Director, Product Management, Member of iWIN BRG
So iWIN is the International Women's Inclusion Network. Its main focus is really to help merge that aspect of the younger professionals with the more senior professionals and really giving them a clear place to network and grow and develop their skills, in order to grow. I mean, women are a minority leadership inside most corporations. ADP recognizes that value and says, how do we give them avenues to grow. And IWIN's a great place for them to grow and develop.
Text: Ready to develop your career at ADP? Visit jobs.adp.com.
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Learning from each other.

ADP’s Business Resource Groups help associates connect globally with a network of people that share common interests and experiences. These connections make ADP stronger as a company, by helping to:

  • Promote the value of diversity and cultural awareness.
  • Address changing business demands with an eye on the next generation.
  • Accelerate associate engagement, retention and career development.
  • Build relationships with diverse markets in our communities.
  • Support talent acquisition initiatives through new avenues.
  • Enhance our products to meet the needs of diverse associates around the world.
  • Identify business and volunteer outreach opportunities.
Aisha Thomas-Petit

“At ADP, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our values and our associates live these values every day. We’ve always believed that each person counts and that our diverse and inclusive teams make us stronger. We remain committed to investing in diverse talent globally that designs innovative technology with all people in mind and where our solutions nurture the success of our clients and the career development of our associates.”

Aisha Thomas-Petit
Chief Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

Interested in learning more about ADP’s commitment to diversity and inclusion? Check out our Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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