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Put your ideas to the test.

At ADP, you are encouraged to create brilliantly designed, intuitive solutions that are changing the way people work. Right now that means artificial intelligence and predictive solutions with emphasis on analytics, synaptic search, mobility, and user experience. Tomorrow? Well, that’s up to you.

ADP China R&D

ADP China R&D has recently passed its tenth anniversary. It is an excellent platform for people who are passionate about software development and new technologies. The team has been expanding significantly over the years, and has matured with various competencies. The organization is responsible for product development for the ADP China portfolio. The current offerings include, but are not limited to, payroll, leave, overtime and social benefits, as well as HR functions.

The R&D team consists of multiple functions – analysis, architecture, development, QA and production deployment and support – and uses these tools for agile development:

  • ASP.Net
  • ORM (Entity Framework)
  • WebApi
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • Ajax
  • JSON, XML, RESTful services, and mobile technologies

Testing is automated with Ruby, Cucumber and Selenium.

Imagine. Inspire. Incubate.

We believe in flashes of inspiration, the freedom of ideas, and an organic process that allows us to fast track our best ideas. We believe in people like you.

  • Software engineers
  • Technical architects
  • Technical product managers
  • Business analyst
  • QA analyst

The power of collaboration:

You + ADP

At ADP, you’ll be engaged in your work, collaborate globally, and be respected for what you bring to the table. We look for people who value our legacy but want to help us evolve and transform by thinking differently about our future. Whether you’re in development or in our Tech Café, your skills will make a real impact here.

Geniuses wanted.

  • Creative and collaborative.
  • Open-minded and agile thinking.
  • Not afraid to take risks.
  • Excited to dive deeper and learn more.
  • Driven to persevere … until you get “it” to work.
  • All while having fun in the process.

Sound familiar? Then you belong here.

Take a good idea. Make it better.

Introduce new ideas. Get others on board. Show everyone (including our clients) what excellence means. Develop products and people. Encourage hard work and good fun. Stretch yourself, break down barriers and change the way things are done. Get ready to advance your career at ADP.

Experience Technology @ ADP

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ADP Presents: The Art of Better' video
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Here’s what our people are saying…

Chester Sang

“We’re working for development of the core product of ADP China. It also means we’re taking great responsibility for the local business. The Simplify/Innovate/Grow goals are driving us to move forward. You can take actions as long as you have the idea.”

Chester Sang
Senior Development Manager

Nick, UX Design, Lifion by ADP

“You’re not pigeonholed into the role or responsibilities that you might find in more traditional places. So that means there is tons of opportunity to work on cool things. If you have a great idea, you speak up, you get to do it, and suddenly you own it. And that’s really cool.”

UX Design, Lifion by ADP

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