Continuously making a positive impact.

Our drive to make a difference is worldwide. ADP associates participate in hundreds of local charitable initiatives during our annual Global Month of Caring. We also give to disaster relief, humanitarian and other philanthropic efforts around the world year-round.

Recently, our ADP China CSR team volunteered at a Shanghai foster care center for orphaned and abandoned children with special needs. Volunteers spent an afternoon playing with the kids, reading to them, talking, and in some cases feeding them. Our team also planned to donate much needed supplies, including diapers, milk powder, snacks, toys and clothing. Giving of ourselves, as a team, is one of the best perks of the job.

50KM Walkathon under the Scorching Sun:
Honors the Commitment of an Egg

In May, for the third consistent year, ADP associates came together to participate in the “Egg Walkathon.” Fifty kilometers, 34 ADP Sun Walkers, 6 squads, 23 volunteer support crews, and 400+ cheerleaders joined forces to raise donations in excess of 120K RMB for children in need of health and development. Sun Walkers walked from sunrise to sunset, supported by volunteer-run break stations every 10KM. The ADP-sponsored break stations provided walkers with electrolyte drinks, bread, watermelon, chocolate, iced bean soups, chicken, and medications. Even before the walkathon, ADP China associates were hard at work promoting the event and raising donations through a charity bazaar and t-shirt design competition.

A longer distance than a full marathon, 50KM is the standard distance in some parts of China to travel from remote rural villages that are surrounded by mountains to public transportation. Travelers hiking through these rural regions will find beautiful landscapes and also extreme poverty. Poverty so extreme even an egg is rare and precious. To help raise awareness and to support children in these areas, in Y2011, 61 volunteers started the first 50KM walkathon. Since then, event participation has grown from 61 to more than 19,000, donations have gone from 70K to 10M RMB annually, and 330K children have benefited from the 200+ projects resulting from donations.

ADP's Month of Caring 2017

ADP’s Month Of Caring 2018

Making an impact at work and beyond. We support and encourage our associates’ passion to volunteer in their communities. 12,000+ associates in 11 countries made a difference and had fun in the process.

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We pay you to pay it forward.

Whether it’s a paid volunteer day to work in one of the local communities, or contributing to a charity you’re passionate about, we make it easier to give back. In fact, ADP offers a gift matching program. Just another way we make an even bigger impact together.

Unlocking Human Potential
Two female volunteers sit at a table with two male children, helping them with reading and other educational activities.

What we do is all about unlocking individual potential. That’s why ADP invests heavily in the employability of future generations – building schools, contributing to educational programs, supporting women’s leadership opportunities, and more. We support global programs and initiatives such as Junior Achievement® Worldwide, Enactus® and Dress for Success®, as well as local and regional organizations in the countries where we do business.

Eco-Friendly @ ADP
A man wears garden gloves to dig a hole with a shovel, as a woman prepares to plant a small tree. Two partially obscured people wearing jeans stand in the background watching.

We’re conserving energy and water. Reducing waste and recycling everything we can through drives to collect clothing, eyeglasses, batteries, furniture, books, computers, magazines, cell phones and more. We’re also creating LEED-certified workplaces, operating Green Grid® data centers, and sponsoring ridesharing and public transportation.

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