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Internships with ADP China

Each summer, we offer internships to vibrant students who want a good learning environment and growth opportunities in these areas:

  • Computer Support
  • Human Resources Services
  • IT Research & Development
  • Payroll Services
  • Sales
  • SAP System Support
  • System Implementation
  • Summer interns with good performance may be invited to attend our Spring Trainee Program. This program provides an introduction to ADP and job-related training, as well as courses on how to convert from students to associates after graduation.

Here’s what our people are saying…


“Our daily work is full of challenges and fun. I really enjoy working with the team, perfectly completing projects and winning the trust of clients. We’re encouraged to use our strengths every day in a relaxed working environment. I believe it’s the right place where I can build my career.”

Project Manager

Jay, Vice President, Global Talent and Development

“You should be looking at ADP as an opportunity to plant the seeds to grow your career as opposed to just that one job you are looking at today. ADP is a place where you can grow and develop past where you are today.”

Vice President, Global Talent and Development

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