Put your ideas to the test.

At ADP, you are encouraged to create brilliantly designed, intuitive solutions that are changing the way people work. Right now that means automated intelligent and predictive solutions with emphasis on analytics, synaptic search, mobility, social media, and user experience. Tomorrow? Well, that’s up to you.

Imagine. Inspire. Incubate.

We believe in flashes of inspiration, the freedom of ideas, and an organic process that allows us to fast track our best ideas. We believe in people like you.

Geniuses wanted.
A wide panoramic view of ADP’s modern high-tech office space.

Take a good idea. Make it better.
ADP looks for people who are:

  • Creative and collaborative.
  • Open-minded and agile thinking.
  • Not afraid to take risks.
  • Excited to dive deeper and learn more.
  • Driven to persevere … until you get “it” to work.
  • All while having fun in the process.
The power of collaboration. You + ADP.
A man sits on the table of a shared workspace, drinking a hot beverage and talking with a female colleague seated on chair next to him.

Introduce new ideas. Get others on board. Develop products and people. Encourage hard work and good fun. Stretch yourself, break down barriers and change the way things are done. Get ready to advance your career at ADP.

Here’s what our people are saying…


Our daily work is based on continuous improvement. We are a learning organization and we focus on introducing even small improvements which, being implemented today, allow us to work better tomorrow.

AgnieszkaQuality & BPI Manager

Working on a team that is open to communication and cooperation allows us to support each other and create many new ideas. Thanks to that, we actively support our customers and can set trends in the market.

TomaszSoftware Development Team Leader

My colleagues are aware of the mission of the company, and our strategy and objectives. On a daily basis, I feel the commitment of my colleagues to achieve the goals of ADP by providing a high level of customer service.

WeronikaJunior Business Support Specialist

I haven’t been working at ADP for a long time but I’ve already have had the opportunity to participate in an initiative that allows me to develop beyond my work skills. I feel that I am working for a company that is moving forward and that I’m growing up with it.

MałgorzataOperational Support Specialist

An ecosystem of innovation.

ADP continues to evolve the world of work with human capital management (HCM) solutions that leverage
the latest technologies. See what it’s like to work here.


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