Site Reliability Engineer

Req Number: 143786
Category: Technology
Posted Date: February 5, 2020

Work Location(s): New York, NY, US


Our industry is starting to go through a transformational shift and we intend to lead it. As the talent becomes the main differentiator between failure and success organizations must attract, engage and develop their people more than ever. To do so, they need powerful and sophisticated tools, which take the pain out of HR management and empower employees & people leaders. That is where we come in.

Lifion by ADP is expanding our startup style operation in NYC in order to accelerate new technical innovation across UI, Search, Platform Technology, IAAS, Big Data, Social, etc. The concept and vision behind the strategy is “Innovate like a Startup” with the goal of delivering highly automated, intelligent and predictive solutions to the market. Our goal is to have specialized teams of superstars focused in these areas to keep pace with market trends and quickly incubate and deliver capabilities that dramatically increase the value of our solutions for clients.

As a Senior DevOps Engineer you have come up through the ranks as a full-stack engineer and are passionate about automating all the things. You think in terms of infrastructure as code and testing as a first-class citizen. You can pipe, grep, and sed your way through any problem with the best of them. You are very opinionated about patterns and practices but pragmatic in your discourse and implementation. You have experience building fully automated, highly elastic, cloud-orchestrated platforms over various IaaS providers like AWS, GCE, and / or Azure, or using on-premise solutions like OpenStack. You see containers as the future of software deployments and are familiar with how to orchestrate them with frameworks like Docker Engine, Mesos, and/or Kubernetes. There is a fine line between configuration management and immutable infrastructure and you know how to walk it.  You have a strong grasp of the concept of Infrastructure as Code and believe strongly in it.  You are data-driven, and understand that data, more than intuition is the key to building great infrastructure.


  • Coding chops: It’s important for members of the Infrastructure Team to be highly capable developers in order to interact with other engineering groups and for automating system tasks.  You must have proven ability to code idiomatically in one or more of Bash, Python, Ruby, Go or a derived language (e.g., Groovy, Scala)
  • Strong Linux fundamentals: System calls, iptables rules and kernel concepts. We leverage linux from local dev all the way to production and will need hands-on across our stack.
  • Experience implementing logging and metrics: Experience with open-source solutions like ELK or commercial solutions like Loggly or Splunk for logs, as strong understanding of statsd or similar protocols and tools that support them.
  • Networking: deep TCP/IP and cloud networking concepts.
  • Start up or nimble technology organization experience would match our fast-paced environment.


  • Proficient with package managers (yum, apt, etc.)
  • Strong skills with Git SCM and one or more repository managers such as Github, Gitlab, Stash, Bitbucket, or Gerrit.
  • Experience with network analysis tools
  • Experience with higher level-level network protocols including HTTP and REST
  • Experience with Infrastructure as a Service e.g. AWS
  • Experience with multiple modern Linux application runtimes such as Node, JVM, Python & C
  • Experience with lightweight development methodologies such as Agile – Scrum and / or Kanban
  • Previous experience working with external technology vendors
  • Experience contributing to open source

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