FRA – Responsable des Opérations MA

Numéro de poste vacant: 180689
Catégorie: Client Service
Date de publication: September 11, 2019

Lieu de travail:: Nantes, Pays de la Loire, FR



Hierarchical attachment (position):


The Operations Manager’s mission is to achieve the objectives set for him by his management. He is responsible for a center of expertise. As such and for the scope of his activity, he is responsible for:

  • Steering the activity and men;
  • Leadership of the relationship and service provided to internal and final customers;
  • To contribute in its scope to the financial objectives of its activity, by controlling its management costs, contributing to the preservation of turnover and its development;
  • To relay the strategy of ADP by inscribing its perimeter in the strategic projects of organizational developments, technological deployments and evolutions of offers and services to the internal and final customers supported by the company.
  • He is the guarantor of the application and deployment of ADP’s human, economic and technical solutions for the employees and the internal and final clients entrusted to him.

Role in terms of tasks:

You perform the function of Operations Manager of the Expert Payroll Department as part of our service commitment. You supervise a team. 

Your activities are divided into four major areas:

The animation of the team on a daily basis which consists in organizing the work according to the constraints and the priorities, to ensure the good diffusion of the information necessary for the realization of the mission of the Experts.

Listening and exchange with employees Empowering employees by orienting them to find solutions to the difficulties they encounter and by involving them in the broader reflections for continuous improvement of the processes, methods and work deliverables in force within the activity

The setting of the objectives of the collaborators, established according to the instructions of ADP, articulated with the measurement and the evaluation of their achievement. The animation of regular feedback on the performance of each collaborator. The decision-making and corrective actions necessary to guarantee the quality of contribution and the good involvement of each one. The deployment of a management by objectives and KPI based on an accompaniment evaluated (indicators of performance) of the collaborators in the achievement of their objectives

The analysis of skills needs in the team, and its implementation as part of an HR action plan with the support of the Human Resources Department.

Decision-making, in agreement with its Director and the Human Resources Department, on the following subjects: recruitment, promotion, salary increase, employee development, mobility.

The support of the Customer Service Operations Manager in the representation of the ADP management towards the customer, and the incarnation of the responsibility of the contract in its legal, financial and operational dimensions.The organization of the device necessary to respect the contractual commitment in terms of expertise and in terms of management of particular situation (project, crisis situation, ..)

The meeting of customers as soon as the situation requires it, or in the framework of planned and proactive actions and this in order to pilot operational action plans turned on the guarantee or the restoration of the quality of service.

Permanent exchange with Customer Service and all other ADP services to ensure consistency of operating methods, explain them to its employees, and ensure alignment with customers .

Under the guidance and decision-making arbitration of the Transversal Services Operations Director, the division’s contribution to the development of the customer base by encouraging the feedback of information, by taking part occasionally in actions with the Customer Service actors. 

Contribution to financial objectives:

Depending on the area of responsibility,

Knowledge of the monthly financial reporting of the activity and dissemination of key elements through the Operational Management reviews.

Contribution to the management of invoicing, management of receivables by contributing to action plans when the situation requires it.

Under direction and decision-making arbitration of the Transversal Services Operations Director, by contributing to securing the financial relationship with ADP Strategy Relays:

Deployment of the strategy, projects, processes defined by the General Management and particularly on the current priorities: 

The improvement of the customer recommendation (NPS)

Supporting Customer Service in welcoming new customers, a context of strong growth served as a model of Service 3 Tiers: The DSN, customer service and team building skills 

  • The transmission of a vision, a course that gives meaning to the daily contribution of the team. The explanation of the changes and the organization of the accompaniment that it requires within the team.
  • The declination of the strategy into concrete action plans for employees, likely to contribute to the team’s performance. The empowerment of employees in the implementation of change.
  • The essential transversal contribution to the projects of the Operational Direction of Transversal Services by taking initiative and the expression of thematic leadership within the Collective of Operations Managers, in order to inscribe your scope in an approach always concerted, coordinated and homogeneous evolution driven by the Director of Transverse Services Operations. The registration of your shares in the perspective of a collective of Operations Manager at the service of your operational management of Transversal Services is at the heart of each of your axes of mission.


  • Knowledge of Expert’s profession, technical and relational components
  • Knowledge of the service model of the offer
  • Have a transverse vision of IS
  • Know the client’s organization
  • Know the state of the art of the fields of intervention
  • Understand the technical decision-making architecture
  • Know the business of PAIE and have a good understanding of HR practices in business
  • Know the HR processes of the company
  • Know your offers
  • Know your organization

Know-how :

  • Ability to lead and develop a team (motivate, follow, empower, develop, reframe
  • Ability to instill team spirit while organizing the work and priorities of a team.
  • Ability to create processes and deploy them
  • Ability to imagine innovative solutions.
  • Diagnose a situation
  • Manage conflictual contexts
  • Manage priorities
  • Negotiate and convince
  • Use office tools
  • Valuing the team’s work and keeping track of associated quotes

Knowledge is:

  • Great sense of listening
  • Communicating effectively: Knowing how to communicate individually and collectively, both orally and in writing
  • Great sense of customer relationship: pedagogy, calm, listening, methodological proposal force.
  • Perseverance, calm, lucidity, ability to organize and work under constraints.
  • Have a good relationship
  • Anaytical and synthetical mind
  • Being a driver, a player of continuous improvement
  • Accelerate decision-making by sharing with his manager

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Client Support Specialist

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